Network Security Project Testbed for Team Incognito

This was a semester long research project by Aditya Mahendrakar, Jim Irving and Shivam Patel. The first draft of the paper can be found here.

Tests to run on every browser. Take image of Virtual Machine before and after clicking all of the following:

Single Big Image
Click here for a page with a huge image file - big_image.jpg (8000 x 3000 pixels) 13.9 MB in size

Many small Images
Click here for a page with many small images - 75 images of 14KB - 20KB size (total size of 1.34 MB)

Huge text
Click here for a page with lots of text - about 16MB of text

Click here for a page with a from to be filled in and submitted

SSL Certificate
Click here to open this website using SSL. Add exception to the self-signed certificate for the page to load`.

Writing many small and big cookies - This must absolutely be the last page opened during test.
Click here for a page which will write many cookies.

Other interesting tests for incognito modes (not required while creating VM images):

Detecting Incognito Mode
Click here for a page that detects whether your browser is in Incognito/Private Browsing/InPrivate mode or not. This script is adapted from

Detecting Incognito Mode - A different approach from above
Click here for a page that illustrates a key difference of how the cookies are written when in Incognito mode vs. Normal mode.